For over 30 years, the Pick Universal Data Model (Pick UDM) has been synonymous with performance and reliability; providing the flexible multidimensional database infrastructure to develop critical transactional and analytical business applications.

Based on the Pick UDM, the Rocket® D3 Database Management System offers enterprise-level scalability and efficiency to support the dynamic growth of any organization.

Rapid application development and application customization requires an underlying data structure that can respond effectively to ever-changing business requirements.

Rocket D3 is simplistic in its structure, yet allows for complex definitions of data structures and program logic. Our D3 .NET API provides compatibility with the Microsoft .NET Framework to extend transactional access to the Pick UDM from all Microsoft Visual Studio supported languages including Visual Basic, C#, and C++.

In addition, Java developers can access the D3 data files using its Java API. The MVS Toolkit provides access to data and business processes via both SOAP and RESTful Web Services.

Why Developers Choose D3

D3 is the choice of more than a thousand application developers world-wide—serving top industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, retail, and other vertical markets.

Rocket D3 database-centric development environment provides software developers with all the necessary tools to quickly adapt to changes and build critical business applications in a fraction of the time as compared to other databases; without compromising data integrity and with low administration costs.

For creating real-world applications, our software’s way of managing information has proven vastly superior to other database schemas.


  • E­cient Performance: Delivers high performance via e­cient ‑le management that requires minimal system and memory resources.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Scales with your enterprise, from one to thousands of users.
  • Seamless Interoperability: Interoperates with varied databases and host environments through connectivity tools.
  • Data Security: Provides secure, simultaneous access to the database from remote or disparate locations worldwide.
  • Cost E­fficient: Reduces operating and system management costs—D3 systems can be easily managed part-time by non-technical stasouple pour fonctionner dans votre environnement tout en répondant aux exigences des derniers audits.