Rocket UniData is an ideal platform for delivering high-performance Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications with complex business rules.

Because UniData mimics the way users think, applications are easy to develop and maintain, and developers without MV experience can get up to speed quickly.

In a MultiValue database, you can store data in a more natural structure than SQL-based platforms allow, and access all the information you need with one direct read. Dynamic, multi-level data structures result in fewer tables and fewer joins. Variable-length records save space compared to the set-table length of traditional relational databases.

Your developers can alter business logic and storage formats quickly because you don’t have to redesign a rigid database structure. The UniData development environment provides everything you need to develop your application and open it to other applications—even on other platforms.

You can utilize RESTful web services to easily access data and logic. The JSON data interchange format is especially efficient for working with the dynamic array data structure at the heart of the MultiValue database.

You can also extend applications using other open development standards such as ODBC, JDBC, and UniObjects.

Options for building applications include traditional integrated BASIC programming environments, and the Rocket web and GUI tools U2 Web DE and SB/XA. From the UniData 8.2 release onward, you can introduce newer developers to UniData through the Python programming language.

Source: Rocket Software

Python support also lets you leverage resources from the Python open source community, including pre-written standard modules.

  • Create, deploy, and maintain high-performing business applications with short time to value.
  • Implement industrial strength data security.
  • Ensure business continuity with robust HA/DR configurations.
  • Minimize ownership costs with simple administration and light hardware requirements.