Your MultiValue applications have stood the test of time, and represent decades of investment.

They’re stable and reliable, but they may also have workflows and interfaces that are decades old. Your users and customers expect fresh, modern web and mobile experiences, but rip-and-replace approaches are time-consuming, risky and expensive. On top of that your MultiValue professionals may not be familiar with modern development tools, and your younger web and mobile developers learned Python in college, not BASIC.

Where do you start, and how do you make sure everything goes as planned?

With Rocket solutions, digital transformation doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. From facilitating interface updates to making MultiValue data and logic available as APIs, we can help you expedite the delivery of web and mobile projects in a way that’s quick, low-risk, and non-invasive. We can even help you manage your development and release workflows with DevOps tools made specifically for MultiValue environments.

Always looking for ways to bring new innovation to the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform. For example, Rocket Software is the only MultiValue provider that integrates support for the Python programming language, which is the most-taught language in computer science classes worldwide. That means new graduates and younger developers can create MultiValue functionality using a language that they already know, rather than forcing them to learn BASIC. They can develop entirely new applications in Python, or even use Python to access application logic written in BASIC. They can even use Python to add new or existing third-party packages to your existing MultiValue applications. That means you can better respond to customer needs and get new features to market quickly.

With Rocket MultiValue, developers get the best of both worlds: the legendary reliability, performance, simplicity and efficiency of MultiValue applications, with the look, feel and usability of today’s applications.