Reliable, Scalable, Simplified Protection for Data and Applications.

Organizations worldwide depend on the Rocket® UniVerse and Rocket® UniData MultiValue databases for building reliable, scalable, and cost-effective applications. However, today’s demand for new applications can put a strain on production servers, impacting performance and increasing the risk of outages.

Fire, flood, or other disasters can also knock out servers, bringing business to a halt. The cost of an outage can be thousands of dollars per minute. Many organizations never recover completely, or are out of business within a few years.

Proper preparation can mean the difference between returning successfully or closing the doors. The Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) solutions make it easy and affordable for you to protect applications and data on an ongoing basis.

Source: Rocket Software

  • Avoid costly system outages and reputational damage.
  • Add new workloads without impacting production performance.
  • Limit damage from disasters by instantly using data from a constantly-updated replica.